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❄️ Ask me for advice? Yikes. ☃️

This form is not accepting questions right now, oops.

Hi. Ask me for advice here, and maybe I’ll start a little advice column. Your question can be as silly/serious/anonymous as you would like. I may answer it sillily/seriously/not at all. What an experiment! ✨

Actually, you can also ask me anything (or ~A~M~A~ as the kids call it). I.e. If you have any sort of non-advice question for me (personal, trivia), feel free to go for it. I’ll just burn this all down if it gets out of hand. 🔥

It’s so incredibly arrogant for me to think I might have useful or interesting advice for you, but I’m a little obsessed with myself and like to try odd things like this. I don’t usually follow through though. 😕

Happy Holidays! Next year will be better. I think you can make that happen a little, and I hope forces outside of you do too! 🎆

By sending in something here, you’re giving me the right to do whatever I want with it: answer it, not answer it, whatever. If I excerpt/edit it, I promise to be very clear about that.

After you send in your note, you’ll get a “receipt” made up of two random words. You probably don’t need to care about this, but if for some reason you ever want to deanonymize your question and prove your identity to me, you can use this receipt to do so. Nifty. 👏